4 SUSTAINABLE ONLINE LIBRARY SERVICES AND RESOURCES knowledge created a script for staff members with a better setup for record- ing. Staff members were chosen to record the tutorials based on new criteria, such as having a decent microphone at home and limited distracting back- ground noise. WEB TOOLS The training committee used several tools to facilitate its work. A mix of technology supported by Central Piedmont and tools purchased indepen- dently by the library was used to accomplish its goals. Central Piedmont uses Webex as its primary communication tool. Webex features two main components: discussion channels and video conferencing. Webex allows users to set up discussion channels called spaces that allow live, real-time communication with fellow staff members. Individual spaces can be set up for a variety of needs: the “All Library Staff” space was the main discussion space for all library staff to talk about current issues, ask questions, and share important information and updates. The training com- mittee also had its own space where members could chat. This space was used to talk through issues outside of regularly scheduled meetings, share in-progress documents and videos for feedback, and keep all members on track. An added benefit of the spaces is that conversation history is main- tained, and previous messages can be read and searched for. This allows for easy retrieval of information and for staff to catch up on messages they may have missed while out. The other major feature of Webex is video conferencing, which was the primary way that the training committee provided live training to all library staff. Webex allows users to share video via webcam and has a screen-­ sharing feature in order to incorporate slideshow presentations or do live demos of resources. A recording function made it possible to record presen- tations for later staff review. Although this video conferencing app gave the training committee the ability to implement a variety of trainings over the course of the pandemic, it was not perfect. Unstable Internet connections caused audio and video to drop out, and bandwidth restrictions meant that presenters had to get creative if they wanted to show a video clip, as real- time video did not work well when combined with screen sharing. Webex is an enterprise-level tool that Central Piedmont purchased in order to facilitate college goals. Many other institutions subscribe to similar platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google’s software suite. For libraries lacking such tools, other free alternatives might provide similar benefits. Slack is a popular live communication platform used by many organizations. Similar to Webex, it allows discussion to be organized into many different channels for different communication and planning needs. Slack does have a free version, although the free version provides very lim- ited archiving for past messages. The free version also limits video chatting
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