Contents Introduction vii Chapter 1. Building the Train as We Chug Along the Tracks: A Reimagined Staff Training Model 1 Emily Leachman and A. Garrison Libby Chapter 2. Chatting into the Void: Scaling and Assessing Chat Reference Services for Effectiveness 19 Megan Graewingholt, Cotton Coslett, Jonathan Cornforth, David Palmquist, Colleen Robledo Greene, and Eric Karkhoff Chapter 3. Converting In-Person Library Instruction for an Introductory Communication Studies Course into an Online Asynchronous Module: One Team’s Experiences 35 Rachel Olsen and Jenny Dale Chapter 4. Data: How Do You Drink from a Waterfall? 49 Laura Passos Santana and Sueli Mara Ferreira Chapter 5. Exploring the Feasibility of a Hybrid Approach to a Post-pandemic Information Literacy Lesson 63 Brianna B. Buljung, Lisa S. Nickum, Patricia E. Andersen, and Gyasi Evans Chapter 6. Finding New Ways to Support Social Connections for Older Adults: Rural Public Libraries Innovate during the Pandemic 79 Noah Lenstra, Joseph Winberry, and Fatih Oguz
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