vi Contents Chapter 7. Keeping Instruction Sustainable Post-COVID-19 with a Learning Objects Repository 95 Tracy Coyne Chapter 8. Keeping the Focus on Patrons at the Salisbury University Libraries 107 Beatriz Betancourt Hardy, Amy M. Jones, and Mou Chakraborty Chapter 9. Library Workers’ Well-Being during a Pandemic 123 Jahala Simuel and Sophia Sotilleo Chapter 10. Maintaining Comics and Gaming Programming during Institutional Change 133 Zach Welhouse and Kelly Stormking Chapter 11. Other Duties (and Places) as Assigned: How Analog Approaches Are Impeding Progress in Online Librarianship 149 Heather Blicher, Rebecca Neel, and Joy Howard Chapter 12. Retooling the Academic Librarian Hiring Process 163 Diane G. Klare and Andrea M. Wright Chapter 13. The Archive Is Temporarily Closed: Teaching Students Alternative Methods for Finding Archival Materials Online 175 David Sye Chapter 14. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Hiring and Onboarding in Academic Libraries 189 Roslyn Grandy, Lauren M. Fletcher, Faythe Thurman, Rachel Whitney, and Kimberly MacKenzie Chapter 15. The Virtual Graduate Research Marathon: Remote Library Instruction for Doctoral Candidates 207 Marina Morgan, Julie N. Hornick, Randall M. MacDonald, and Steven Wade Chapter 16. Leverage from the Lockdown: Transitioning Information Literacy Instruction during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study 217 Judith Toppin About the Editors and Contributors 233 Index 243
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