x Acknowledgments area needed to be researched, documented, highlighted, and shared. It is with that intent that I conceived and designed the research that has culmi- nated in this book. Throughout that process, I was encouraged, guided, and assisted by my colleagues, associates, and research team. The Danger of Devaluing Immigrants would not have been possible without the help of the highly dedicated team that supported me with the research, writing, and editing of various segments of this book. The various Immigra- tion Book Project Teams met weekly for over two years to discuss research, debate policies, and articulate the appropriate manner for presenting our findings. We have benefited from the advice of the founding Center for Global Business Studies (CGBS) advisory board members: Laura Kohler, Michel Amsalem, Robert Joyce, Samer Al Hokail, and Robert Svensk. In addition, the New American Economy (NAE) Research Fund has graciously shared their research with us, and Jeremy Robbins, the executive director of NAE, has participated in our immigration symposium. They all underscored our economy’s critical dependence on immigrants. I am grateful for the Immigration Book Project Team members who worked to make this book possible. Their tireless efforts and commitment to the research, the writing, and the editing should be commended. The team consisted of Anu Singhal, William Young, Kiran Pandey, Patrick Walsh, Kirsten Worrall, and, finally, Lise Truex. William “Billy” Young graduated Summa cum laude in December 2020 from Penn State University, where he was a member of the Schreyer Honors College. Anu, Kiran, and Patrick are research assistants to the Schreyer Chair. Anu Singhal is a teaching and research assistant for the Schreyer Chair at Smeal College of Business. She graduated from Penn State University in May 2020 with a master’s degree in Economics and has a BS in Computer Science. Kiran Pandey graduated Summa cum laude in May 2021 from the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University and completed majors in English and Mathematics. Patrick Walsh will graduate from Penn State University with an MA in Creative Writing in 2023. Kirsten Worrall is a Secondary English Education major currently enrolled at Penn State. Lise Truex, who helped edit the book, is a Candidate (ABD) in the PhD program in archaeology at the University of Chicago, and she holds an MA and a BA in political science along with a sec- ond bachelor’s degree in anthropology. This project was a team effort, and our team members contributed to vari- ous versions of the chapters as the scope of the study changed. Contributors provided research and wrote segments that were subsequently updated and modified as the direction of the study evolved. Billy helped with the original planning and outlining of the book. He later contributed significantly to the research and writing of the chapter “Educating America” as well as content concerning visa issuance trends, refugees, immigrant U.S. military service members, and immigrants working in construction and manufacturing. He
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