Acknowledgments xi also contributed to the section on immigrants in the arts and entertainment industries. Anu played a central role in the planning and outlining of the book as well as contributed writing and research to many chapters. As the project evolved, I relied on Anu’s guidance and advice in restructuring our research project. Her contributions are apparent in many of the chapters where she explored the role of immigrants in the vital U.S. supply chains of healthcare, agricul- ture, food manufacturing, and trucking and logistics. She also researched and contributed to the “Why America?” “Strength or Burden,” and conclu- sion chapters, where she examines changing American Attitudes toward Immigration across time. Kiran researched and wrote the introductory section to Part II which ana- lyzes the bimodal nature of American attitudes toward and treatment of immigrants as well as the chapter on immigrants in the U.S. high-tech and entrepreneurship industries. For this chapter, he also designed some data visualizations. In addition to these chapters, he provided immigrant stories on global attitudes, high-tech and entrepreneurial start-ups, and the biotech development of the COVID-19 vaccine. Patrick contributed his efforts to many parts of the book and provided integral research and writing on immigrants working in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries as well as the roles of immigrants in the U.S. mili- tary, the U.S. police departments, and the U.S. Congress. Patrick also con- tributed to the sections on educating America, construction, and manufacturing in collaboration with Billy. Further, he researched and wrote major sections on immigrants with extraordinary abilities in the arts and entertainment industries. Kirsten contributed to the research and writings on refugees. She reviewed international law regarding refugees, U.S. admissions policies toward refu- gees, and refugee contributions to the U.S. economy. She also wrote an immi- grant story in the chapter “Refugees” and cited nonprofit refugee organization recommendations for U.S. employers. Special thanks and appreciation go to Lise Truex, our book editor. She came to us with impressive editorial and writing experience, and she edited and revised all chapters and appendices within The Danger of Devaluing Immi- grants. In addition to editing, Lise researched the roles of immigrants across U.S. industries so that she could revise the chapters and write passages within them. She revised and rewrote extensive sections and passages in the historical chapter, “Why America,” writing two new sections in the chapter and providing all of the late-19th-century and early-20th-century historical images for the chapter. Alongside this work, Lise contributed additional pieces to the Introduction, the “Refugees” and “Educating America” chapters, the U.S. Agriculture section, the “Keeping America Healthy” and “Contribut- ing to America” chapters and the Conclusion, as well as the immigrant story
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