xii Acknowledgments on Arab Americans in the early Detroit auto industry. She also researched the rights and obtained permissions for reprinting figures and images appearing in the book. I thank Lise for her invaluable expertise, project management, and constant support to the team and me. I would like to acknowledge Nancy Stuck, the Schreyer Chair assistant, who always provides essential aid to our projects. She encouraged and com- municated with the team on all levels of completing this book. She helped remove redundant and conflicting work and streamlined much of the work the team undertook. I appreciate her overall coordination and diligent follow-up on aspects of this endeavor. In addition, I am grateful for all her support over the past two decades. I am also extremely grateful to Jessica Gribble, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Praeger Publishers/ABC-CLIO, who has believed in our project. With her support and guidance through final stages of this process, she has been immensely generous and is much appreciated. While I am grateful for the help and support of our team, any shortcom- ings in the book are my own. To adequately encapsulate all facets of the experiences held by U.S. immigrants in one’s writing is a challenge, and sometimes it seemed like an impossible feat. Any limitations to this study lie in this challenging pursuit of complete representation of the positive impact immigrants have toward the sustained growth of the U.S. economy and soci- ety as a whole. Finally, I would like to say how grateful I am for my children Otessa, Anna, and John for encouraging me to continue my research on the roles and contributions of immigrants in the United States. I wish for them always to remember that we are a nation of immigrants, reminding them that they should neither forget nor undervalue immigrants’ roles in our economy, soci- ety, and life.
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