Preface xi To my wife, Kathy, and daughters, Sarah and Rachel, who have heard more about this growing tech war than I am sure they wanted to—thanks for allowing me to ramble on about these topics. Finally, I have tried to capture the growing tech war accurately. Yet we are products of our education, training, and experiences, and so too are the products of our intellectual musings and discoveries. Such is the case with Tech Wars . As a result, I write sparingly in Tech Wars about how scientists function at the bench and make great discoveries and advances. Nor do I attempt to delve deeply into the realm of venture capitalists that look to pick technology winners and losers. Rather, I am an operator—perhaps even an accidental technologist—and strategist who seeks to understand how the science and technology of today is likely to shape the future of tomorrow. Along the way, I have made judgments based on my observations and per- ceptions. Any errors or mistakes in these interpretations are mine alone. I hope you enjoy the book. Daniel M. Gerstein Alexandria, VA September 30, 2022
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