In Praise of Tech Wars: Transforming U.S. Technology Development “Dan Gerstein’s Tech Wars is a must-read for U.S. policymakers, tech sector leaders, and policy wonks. This timely and important book explains why the U.S. technol- ogy competition—particularly with China—is central to American economic growth, diplomatic heft, and military advantage. The United States must forge new partnerships with industry and with allied countries to succeed in this existential struggle, and this book offers concrete recommendations for how to do so.” —James N. Miller, Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy “Gerstein dispassionately appraises the American system for technology devel- opment and passionately argues for making it more systematic. En route he edu- cates every reader.” —Richard Danzig, 71st Secretary of the Navy and Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory “Dan Gerstein takes the reader on an important journey from U.S. science and technology leadership following World War II to the highly competitive, largely unstructured, private-sector-led, global R&D environment of today. He con- cludes the United States is not prepared to wage this tech war and that funda- mental changes are necessary to posture us for success in the future. This book should be required reading for those seeking to understand how R&D will impact future U.S. economic prosperity and national security.” —David Olive, Founder & Principal, Catalyst Partners “This book explains the most complex security issue we face today. The role of technology largely developed outside the government in shaping national pow- ers and determining the outcomes of the competition between China and the democracies. It offers a close and well-informed look at the American ‘techno- logical enterprise’ and ends with bold recommendations for federal reorganiza- tion. It offers new ways of thinking about the central problem of maintaining U.S. economic prosperity and national security.” —James A. Lewis, Senior Vice President, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC
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