In Praise of Sustaining America’s Strategic Advantage “Readers looking for insights into how the United States can meet the formidable security challenges it faces should read Sustaining America’s Strategic Advantage. I know many of the authors, and their lucid writ- ing is grounded firmly in analytical rigor and practical experience. The book’s premise, that the United States needs to leverage key advantages— including strategic leader education and a global network of allies and partners—with a greater emphasis on nonmilitary instruments of power, is one that resonated powerfully with me as a retired ambassador who served for 33 years in the U.S. Foreign Service.” —Daniel Shields, Ambassador (ret.), editorial advisor, Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs “This excellent volume sets a multidimensional foundation for American grand strategy that avoids the dangers of either exaggerating or underap- preciating the potential of U.S. military power and also avoids the tempta- tion of either overestimating or underestimating the overall strength of the United States at this crucial juncture in world history. Many grand strate- gies sound good this one is actually based on a sound diagnosis of world conditions, and a full awareness of the perils as well as the opportunities of the contemporary global order.” —Michael E. O’Hanlon, Phil Knight Chair in Defense and Strategy, Brookings Institution, and author of Military History for the Modern Strategist: America’s Major Wars since 1861 “We live in dangerous times! For those seeking to understand the com- plex challenges and challengers facing the United States and how to address them, read Sustaining America’s Strategic Advantage. The authors bring both scholarly research and practitioner’s experience to comprehen- sively explore the critical security challenges, our competitors’ strategies, the benefits and burdens of allies, and the strategic leadership qualities required to leverage these insights and maintain America’s competitive advantage. Their call for a grand strategy that is based on American Val- ues, blends the United States’ advantages, and embraces our many allies rings true in my experience.” —Curtis M. Scaparrotti, General, U.S. Army (ret.) and former Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR)
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