vi Contents 8. Competing with Allies: Benefits and Burdens of NATO and European Union Relations 166 Joel R. Hillison and Maryann F. Foster 9. Expanding Partnerships and Alliances in the Indo-Pacific 188 Jerad I. Harper 10. Lessons from Our Adversaries and Partners on the Maritime Silk Road 215 Heather Levy 11. Advancing the U.S.–Vietnam Security Partnership from Obstacles to Opportunities 251 Thomas J. Bouchillon 12. Competing in the Middle East 277 Christopher J. Bolan 13. Irregular Warfare and U.S. Landpower 298 Kevin D. Stringer 14. Rethinking Security Cooperation in a Competitive World 318 Jerad I. Harper About the Editors and Contributors 339 Index 343
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