In Praise of The Next Space Race “American leadership in outer space will be essential for American lead- ership in the 21st century. The Next Space Race is a sweeping review and analysis of the opportunities and challenges the United States faces in the space domain. It is a solid primer for policymakers, legislators, entrepre- neurs, investors, and the public on how to ensure the United States can seize the opportunity that is outer space—providing for our continued security and opening vast new economic frontiers.” —Mandy Vaughn, CEO and Founder, GXO Inc. “The Next Space Race highlights a grossly understated problem: a picture of where we stand relative to China and its impressive space ambitions. That makes it indispensable reading in this era of Great Power Competition.” —Kevin Pollpeter, CNA, co-author of China's Space Narrative: Examining the Portrayal of the US-China Space Relationship in Chinese Sources and lts lmplications for the United States “There could not be a more critical time in human history to take action on securing the resources, wealth, and overall domain of space. Harrison and Garretson provide a thorough, well-researched, and detailed analysis of the who, why, and what of space, as well as providing actionable rec- ommendations for the United States to maintain superiority and realize significant economic benefit. This fascinating book is accessible and easy to read, making it the perfect resource for anyone from the novice to the well-informed.” —Meagan Crawford, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SpaceFund “The Next Space Race lays out in a holistic and systemic way what is at stake in the contest for leadership in space between the United States and China, and what America's agencies need to be enabled and directed to do. In these pages, we find a menu of concrete steps for the Executive Branch and Congress to take to secure our leadership on the ultimate high ground.” —Richard B. Myers, General, USAF, ret. 15th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff President Emeritus, Kansas State University “Finally, legislators and policymakers have a road map for empowering our space entrepreneurs, providing for their security, and opening vast new economic opportunities for us and our allies and partners. This is a must-read for industry leaders, start-ups, and groups looking for a way to explain the value of space to their representatives.” —Dr. George C. Nield, President, Commercial Space Technologies, LLC
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