Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction ix 1. Space Is an Untapped Resource 1 Peter A. Garretson, Richard M. Harrison, and Anthony Imperato 2. Competing with the Chinese Space Vision 21 Larry M. Wortzel 3. Challenges to U.S. Space Security 39 Richard M. Harrison, Cody Retherford, and Peter A. Garretson 4. American Space Primacy in Question 59 Richard M. Harrison, Peter A. Garretson, and Anthony Imperato 5. The Future of the U.S. Space Force 75 Richard M. Harrison and Peter A. Garretson 6. Shaping the Global Rules-Based Order of Space 95 Peter A. Garretson, Richard M. Harrison, Lamont Colucci, and Larry M. Wortzel 7. Charting the Dimensions of Space Competition 115 Peter A. Garretson and Richard M. Harrison
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