viii Acknowledgments and very generously supported our research budget to make the project possible—and recognized the need to provide a broader understanding of space to policymakers and the general public. Thankfully, we were not shaping the space policy debate from scratch, and it is important to recognize the principals who have paved the path on space policy. Rep. Jim Cooper, Rep. Mike Rogers, Speaker Newt Gingrich, and Lt. Gen. Steve Kwast, all deserve thanks for their leadership in forward- ing a broader vision of spacepower for national security and prosperity. On a topic as broad as U.S. space policy, it is nearly impossible to be an expert on everything. We turned to numerous people for guidance dur- ing the research and writing process and would like to thank Brig. Gen. Steve “Bucky” Butow, Brig. Gen. John Olson, Dr. Joel Mozer, Dr. Thomas Cooley, and Dr. Bhavya Lal for their inspiration. We would also like to thank Wayne White, Bruce Cahan, Armen Papazian, Scott Phillips, and Mir Sadat for their specific ideas on legislation, policy, and finance. Spe- cial thanks go to Chris Griffin, who helped solidify the framing questions driving our book research. Furthermore, we appreciate all the guests who generously gave their time to participate in interviews on our Space Strat- egy podcast—their insights were invaluable for the manuscript (see the appendix for the full guest list). And, of course, we express our thanks to the other book contributors: Dr. Larry M. Wortzel, Dr. Lamont Colucci, Cody Retherford, and Anthony Imperato. Additional thanks go to our peer reviewers for the project, Dr. Namrata Goswami, George Pullen, Dr. Brent Ziarnick, and Joshua Carlson. Their guidance greatly enhanced the quality of our work. We would also like to recognize Amy Marks for expertly copy editing the book—though we should note that any errors in the manuscript are our own. Several members of the AFPC team deserve mention as well. AFPC senior vice president Ilan Berman deserves great thanks for his guidance during the proposal writing and publication process. Our book proj- ect also received invaluable support from Mandarin-speaking research- ers Kyra Gustavsen and Andrew Hartnett, along with our fact-checking researchers, Linley Himes, Margaux Miller, Dee McHardy, and Alexis Schlotterback. Lastly, over the years, the SPI has benefited from the intern research support of the “space squad” (Sydney Duckor, Thomas Falci, and Lauren Szwarc), the “space jammers” (Caillou Peña and Autumn Kearny), Alexandra Jaramillo, Joaquin Liviapoma, Melinda Madden, and Ryan Christensen. On a personal note, Richard would like to thank his loving and under- standing wife, Allyson, along with his fun-loving children, James and Nathan, for their consistent support through the course of book writing. He also expresses great appreciation for his parents, Monty and Sonia, for encouraging him to reach for the stars, and for his extended family, and the whole Ashburn Xtreme ice hockey family for their encouragement throughout the process.
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