WOMEN’S MOVEMENT (1870S) 473 American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) 483 Anthony, Susan B. (1820–1906) 484 Dix, Dorothea (1802–1887) 486 National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) 487 Nineteenth Amendment (1920) 489 Congressional Debate on Women’s Suffrage (1866) 491 Sojourner Truth Urges Women to Continue the Fight for Equal Rights for All Women, White and Black (1867) 493 Address of Victoria C. Woodhull to the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives (1871) 494 The Comstock Law, Enacted to End the Circulation of Obscene and Immoral Literature (1873) 496 U.S. v. Susan B. Anthony: The Sentencing of Anthony for Voting Illegally (1873) 497 Bradwell v. Illinois: The Rights and Privileges of a Citizen (1873) 499 Excerpts from Susan B. Anthony’s “Social Purity” Speech (1875) 501 Declaration of Rights for Women (1876) 504 Letter to Susan B. Anthony (1881) 508 Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s “Solitude of Self” Address (1892) 510 Excerpts from Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Introduction to The Woman’s Bible (1895) 512 Muller v. Oregon: The Weakness of Women (1908) 515 Excerpts from History of Women in Industry in the United States (1910) 516 Excerpts from Emma Goldman’s The Traffic in Women and Marriage and Love (1910) 522 Excerpts from Anna Garlin Spencer’s Woman’s Share in Social Culture (1912) 529 Margaret Sanger on Sex Education and Contraception (1913) 533 COLFAX MASSACRE (1873) 537 Freedmen 541 Klanism 542 Contents xi
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