Acknowledgments This work represents not only my efforts over the past two years, but those of 44 other scholars with whom I have had the privilege to work. Their investigations of the instances of collective civil unrest in American society have taught me much about what has worked in our nation’s history, and which areas we still need to address. The project would not have been possible without their considerable analytical prowess. Additionally, I would like to thank the editorial and production staff at ABC-CLIO, including James Sherman, with whom I conceived this project Barbara Patterson, who administered the considerable paperwork involved Alex Mikaberdze and John Wagner, who went through the manuscript submissions with a fine-toothed comb and Donald Schmidt and his team, who oversaw the production work to turn the manuscript into a book. Finally, I would like to thank and acknowledge the dedication of my life partner and business part- ner, Lauren Danver, for her constant support in ways related both directly to the outcome of the book and generally to my state of mind! —Steven L. Danver San Marcos, California xix
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