Contents vii Micronesia 268 Polynesia: Tahiti, Hawai‘i, and Aotearoa (New Zealand) 270 South Asia 281 South Asian Martial Arts 281 Indian Wrestling 289 Thang-Ta 294 Southeast Asia 299 Arnis 299 Kuntao 312 Muay Thai 317 Silat 324 Index I-1 About the Editors Volume II: Themes List of Contributors xi A Note on Romanization xvii Social Uses of the Martial Arts xix Belief Systems 331 Belief Systems: Africa 332 Belief Systems: China 338 Belief Systems: European Chivalry 345 Belief Systems: European Occult Sciences 352 Belief Systems: India 357 Belief Systems: Iran 363 Belief Systems: Japanese Budo, Bujutsu, and Bugei 369 Belief Systems: Japanese Martial Arts and Religion before 1868 371 Belief Systems: Japanese Martial Arts and Religion since 1868 382 Belief Systems: Silat 394 Commodification of Leisure 405 Chinese Martial Arts and Money 406 Martial Arts Tourism 411
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