List of Entries by Broad Topic Art and Literature Art and Literature Almanacs Arrows Art, Effects of Plague on Ars moriendi (The Art of Dying) Boccaccio, Giovanni Books of Hours Broadsheets, Broadsides, and Pamphlets Bullein, William Chaucer, Geoffrey Chronicles and Annals Churches, Plague Danse Macabre Death, Depictions of Defoe, Daniel Dekker, Thomas Donne, John Ex voto I promessi sposi Jonson, Ben Langland, William Lydgate, John Metaphors for Plague Morality Literature, Christian Nashe, Thomas Petrarch, Francesco Poetry, European Poetry, Islamic Printing Shakespeare, William Tears against the Plague “Three Living Meet Three Dead” Transi Tombs Triumph of Death Wither, George Biomedical Causes and Issues Biomedical Causes and Issues Animals Black Death: Debate over the Medical Nature of Bubonic Plague Bubonic Plague in North America Diseases, Opportunistic and Subsidiary DNA and the Second Plague Pandemic End of Second Plague Pandemic: Theories Epidemic and Pandemic Fleas Germ Theory Little Ice Age Morbidity, Mortality, and Virulence xi
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