vii List of Entries Admonitio Generalis Adoptionism Aethelberht I of Kent Æthelfl æd, Lady of the Mercians Aëtius Agobard of Lyons, St. Agriculture Aistulf Aix-la-Chapelle Alans Alaric Alaric II Alboin Alcuin of York Alemanni Alfred the Great Amalaswintha Ambrose of Milan Ammianus Marcellinus Angilbert, St. Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Anglo-Saxons Animals Antioch Arbogast Arianism Arnulf of Metz, St. Asser Astronomer, The Athanaric Attila the Hun Augustine of Canterbury, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Austrasia Avars Badon Hill, Battle of Balthild, St. Barbarian Art Basil the Great, St. Bede Belisarius Benedict Biscop Benedict of Aniane Benedict of Nursia, St. Beowulf Bernard Hairyfeet Bernard of Septimania Bertrada
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