Many ­people have helped us with our travel, research, and adventures in and around ­Grand Canyon. Moki Mac River Expeditions and ­Grand Canyon Expedi- tions expertly or­ga­nized most of our 25 river trips through the canyon, during which we ­were educated, protected, pampered, and entertained by a variety of excellent boatmen and boatwomen, swampers, historians, rangers, and ­ others. Of ­ these river runners, we especially thank Lance Newman for making our first trips through ­Grand Canyon so in­ter­est­ing that we had to return, MaryLynn and Rich- ard “Q” Quartaroli for never making ­ things up, and Neal “Bear” Shapiro for conjur- ing many ­ things with us. We also thank Common Good Books, Simone Stephenson, Greg Eastwood, Trevin Johnson, and Den McCormick for especially memorable river trips, as well as Stephanie Cox, Bette Englund, Jane Super, ­Little Socks, and ­ others for their help at and in ­ Grand Canyon. Andrew Witt, Matthew Witt, Marvin Witt III, Anne Witt, Petra Witt, Claudia and Jim Cameron, Gloria Lopez Franco and Scott O. Lilienfeld are ­ family members and friends who ­were also helpful. At the South Rim, we thank Robb Seftar, the GCNP rangers, and ­Grand Can- yon Association officials who answered our questions, guided us to many sites, and helped us learn about the canyon and its surrounding area. We enjoyed excellent accommodations and advice at Red Feather Lodge. We also humbly thank the resi- dents of Supai for their hospitality during our visits. At the North Rim, we ­were often assisted by GCNP rangers, as well as by the staff of Kaibab Lodge and ­ Grand Canyon Lodge. We especially thank Robert Pen- nell for his help, directions, advice, and early morning coffee and cinnamon rolls, which sustained us on hikes to and from Phantom Ranch, the South Rim, and the countless in­ter­est­ing points in between. We are also grateful to ­Grand Canyon his- torians Earle Spamer of the American Philosophical Society and Haley Johnson of the ­Grand Canyon Association. We could not have gotten to Toroweap without the help of NPS Ranger Todd Seliga, Pink Jeep Tours, and ­ Will James and Meghann Kent of Dreamland Safari Tours. We also thank the many other ­people we met at ­ Grand Canyon who gave us directions and answered our questions but whom we can thank only collectively and anonymously. We especially thank ­Grand Canyon historian and river runner Richard Quar- taroli for his suggestions and critical reading of our manuscript. Although any ­ mistakes or other shortcomings that remain are ours alone, this does not lessen our gratitude to Richard and all the ­people named ­ here for their help. Fi­nally, we thank Kaitlin Ciarmiello, Ellen Rasmussen, Shruti Chopta, and Fred Dahl for their help, guidance, and patience. All writers should be so fortunate. Acknowl­edgments
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