Th e Editors and Contributors Editors JOHN ZUMERCHIK, director of planning, Mi-Jack Products Inc. Mi-Jack Prod- ucts is a highly diversifi ed leading freight transportation service company, credited with numerous major innovations for intermodal transportation. Aside from being the lead- ing manufacture of rubber tire gantry cranes for intermodal terminals, Mi-Jack and the Kansas City Southern Railroad jointly rebuilt and mechanized the Panama Canal Railroad (Panama Canal Railway Company), which has become a high-volume con- tainer land bridge and cruise ship tourist railway. Before joining Mi-Jack Products Inc., Mr. Zumerchik was an editor for the McGraw-Hill Company and the American Insti- tute of Physics. Mr. Zumerchik has authored Newton on the Tee: A Good Walk through the Science of Golf (Simon & Shuster, ), and has been an author/editor of two award- winning titles: the two-volume Macmillan Encyclopedia of Sports Science ( Booklist Editor’s Choice) and three-volume Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy, which was an American Library Association Outstanding Reference Source (), Library Journal Best Reference (), and Reference and User Services Association’s Outstanding Ref- erence Sources (). STEVEN L. DANVER is visiting assistant professor of history in Seaver College at Pepperdine University and a general partner at Mesa Verde Publishing. He earned his doctorate in history at the University of Utah, specializing in water and environmental policy, and has taught history at numerous colleges and universities, including National University, Front Range Community College, Westmont College, Santa Barbara City College, and the University of Utah. He has worked in the publishing industry since , and has been managing editor of Journal of the West since . Dr. Danver has worked as an editor and a writer on over  historical reference books. His dissertation, “Liquid Assets: A History of Tribal Water Rights Strategies in the American South- west,” to be published by the University of Oklahoma Press, examines the long history of one of the most important issues of modern relevance to American Indians in the
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