Guide to Related Topics xix
Preface xxv
Introduction: Spookhouses, Catharsis, and Dark Consolations xxix
Timeline of Horror Literature through History xxxv
Part One: Horror through History 1
Horror in the Ancient World 3
Horror in the Middle Ages 8
Horror in the Early Modern Era 14
Horror in the Eighteenth Century 19
Horror in the Nineteenth Century 24
Horror from 1900 to 1950 29
Horror from 1950 to 2000 35
Horror in the Twenty-First Century 41
Part Two: Themes, Topics, and Genres 49
Apocalyptic Horror 51
Eco-horror 56
Gender, Sexuality, and the Monsters of Literary Horror 61
Ghost Stories 67
The Gothic Literary Tradition 72
Gothic Poetry 77
Horror Anthologies 84
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