Acknowledgments I am thankful for the incredible people who have helped me in writing this book. Through the terrifying backdrop of a global pandemic, these people supported my efforts personally and professionally. To Jessica Gribble, my editor at ABC-CLIO/Libraries Unlimited, for your guidance and support on this adventure. To Dontaná McPherson-Joseph for taking the time to review this work and provide valuable feedback. The work of reviewers and sensitivity read- ers is essential to the journey of literature, and I am grateful for the com- mentary to help this book continue to have the spirit it was intended. To Rosalind Washington for thoughtfully contributing a Forward to this book and sharing her own experiences in libraries. I am thankful that she took the time both in that and in agreeing to be interviewed on her work with diversity audits. To Rachel Altobelli, Lizzie Matkowski, Karin Michel, Karen Jensen, Souzanne Shahla, Kathleen Paur, Stephanie Anderson, Krista Aronson, Kate Carter, Sarah Beasley, Brenna Norman, Stephanie Milbrodt, Rosalind Moore, Terri Clark, Deb Lambert, Jessica Trotter, Erica Cherup, Celia Mulder, Amy Ball, Melanie Crumpton, Betsy Kowal, Amber Seely, Alexandria Brown, Kacy Helwick, Christy James, and Michelle for sharing their stories and expertise. The dedication you all have to your communities is inspiring, and I sincerely thank you for letting me write about them. To Kami Zbanek Hill, Kaity Lindgren-Hansen, Erin Horst, Kevin Delecki, Dara Schmidt, and my colleagues at the Cedar Rapids Public Library for support, direct and indirect, in the work of cultivating and promoting col- lections worthy of the people of our community. To Molly Garrett for having been a part of this journey from the begin- ning. Thank you for being my partner in this work for so long and being my champion from beginning to end. To Michael, Holly, and Nicholas for everything, always.
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