vii Acknowledgments The author, or in this case, editor, of any book that publishes generally has many ­ people to thank for their assistance throughout the pro­cess. First and foremost, I am grateful to each of the contributors to this volume for sharing both their time and expertise on the American presidency. It is their knowledge and insight that makes this book a unique contribution to the presidency lit­er­a­ture. The guidance support provided by Kevin Hillstrom and Barbara Patterson at ABC-­CLIO ­and were greatly appreciated from start to finish. Two undergraduate research assis- tants at Chapman University—­Jake Kunkel and Brianna Pressey—­also provided help with researching the broader topic of presidential hatred, scouring countless databases to see what articles and books existed on this topic. Fi­nally, as always, I am grateful for the support I receive from my ­family, including my son Davis and my ­daughter Taylor, and especially my husband, Tom Han, who provides uncon- ditional support for ­ every research proj­ect on which I embark. His knowledge of American history and his skill at copyediting my work are invaluable.
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