Acknowledgments This book would not be possible without the support and dedication of so many individuals. To the contributors, thank you for sharing your ideas and visions as part of this bigger project. Your insight is invaluable and I appreciate having such amazing minds lending their expertise to this volume. To my research assistants—Hannah Brennan, Courtney Cherry, Sonali Kumar, Rolando Mejia, Michael Rotolo, and Jenna Testa—thank you for putting time and dedication into seeing my vision through, especially as you were finishing up your collegiate careers. This book would not be what it is without your efforts. Thank you also to Collin Carr for serving as my right hand in editing this work. Finally, to my editors, Steve Catalano and Kevin Hillstrom, thank you for choos- ing me for this project. It has been both an honor and a privilege to work with you to make this book a reality, and I could not have asked for better editors or sound- ing boards. Your support and enthusiasm have been irreplaceable.
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