Acknowledgments We are amazed by and grateful to the many people who have been so gener- ous with their time and expertise! Special thanks to Patrick Washington, Jon Stehle, Ed Brigham, Chuck Lewis, and Reid Boden for your thoughtful feedback and hours of discussion on the content of the chapters. And our sincere appreciation goes out to Damien Arthur, associate professor at Mar- shall University and Robert C. Byrd, scholar Bob Bixby at Concord Coali- tion Bill Hoagland at Bipartisan Policy Center Stan Collender Charlie Johnson, former House Parliamentarian Phil Joyce and Roy Meyers, profes- sors at University of Maryland and former CBOers Chuck Bowsher, former Comptroller General and Director of GAO Holly Harvey and Sue Irving at GAO Doug Elmendorf and Doug Holtz-Eakin, former CBO Directors Ida Brudnick and Jim Saturno at CRS Norm Ornstein at AEI Paul Posner Rep- resentative Nick Rahall former House and Senate appropriations profes- sional staff John Lawrence, Keith Kennedy, Scott Lilly, and Tony McCann Sue Quantius and Faye Cobb, House Legislative Branch Appropriations staff and experts Matt Wasniewski, House Historian and Farah Elliot, head of the House Office of Art and Archive Kate Scott, Senate Historian, and Heather Moore, Senate photography curator Laura Peterson at POGO, and Matt Steele, WVU Research Librarian extraordinaire—all of whom were amazingly forthcoming with their experiences working in and with Con- gress and its legislative partners and their insights on the institution in all its forms. Talking with everyone was delightful, educational, and thought- provoking. Our thanks, also, to Ashley Morgan, MPA, Nicole Pellegrino, MPA, and Jack Swiney, MPA—for outstanding research and transcription work that is part of every chapter. We especially want to thank the Dirksen Congressional Center for fund- ing our initial study—their Congressional Research Grant got this ball roll- ing. And West Virginia University’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences for
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