Engaging Students through Campus Libraries: High-Impact Learning Models

Gayle Schaubeditor
Hazel McClureeditor
Engaging Students through Campus Libraries: High-Impact Learning Models


Libraries Unlimited

Pages 188
Topics Career Skills Education;Collaboration;Community Engagement;First-Year Experience;High-Impact Practices;Information Literacy;Scholarship;Service Learning;Librarian's Instructional Role: Information Literacy and Instruction, College Level and Above;Adult Services and Programs

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Engaging Students through Campus Libraries: High-Impact Learning Models

Contributors: Schaub, Gayle; McClure, Hazel;

This collection of collaborative, high-impact learning experiences in information literacy teaches librarians how to engage students in hands-on, experiential learning.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has identified 11 practices that are highly impactful to student learning to designate as high-impact educational practices (HIP). These practices engage students deeply in a meaningful, connected way to their work. Librarians teach and support student learning in many ways that assist these AAC&U practices, such as information literacy instruction for capstone, writing, and first-year seminars and research support for collaborative assignments and projects.

Engaging Students through Campus Libraries calls attention to work in information literacy that goes beyond a traditional librarian role; it features librarians and faculty partners who engage in projects that highlight salient, experiential facets of the AAC&U practices in order to teach information literacy. In this book, librarians will learn high-impact, experiential learning models for working with students. They will understand how to think about and describe how AAC&U best practices are currently embodied in their organizations. They will also imagine future learning experiences for students with HIPs in mind, resulting in information literacy that is integrated into disciplinary work in a vital and transformative way.

  • Demonstrates the varied and exciting possibilities for engaged, integrated information literacy instruction
  • Includes details about planning and preparation so that readers can replicate, scale, or adapt practices in other library environments
  • Offers librarians practical models for pursuing their own partnerships in other disciplines
  • Includes narrative accounts of completed projects and programs involving students from a range of majors and academic departments

Editor(s): Schaub, Gayle; McClure, Hazel;
SortTitle: engaging students through campus libraries: high-impact learning models
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Gayle Schaubeditor
Hazel McClureeditor
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Publication Date: 20201031