xiii Guide to Related Topics Barbarian Peoples and Dynasties Alans Alemanni Anglo-Saxons Avars Burgundians Carolingian Dynasty Franks Huns Jews and Judaism Lombards Merovingian Dynasty Ostrogoths Vandals Visigoths Cultural and Religious Leaders Alcuin of York Agobard of Lyons, St. Ammianus Marcellinus Ambrose of Milan Angilbert Asser Astronomer, The Augustine of Canterbury, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Balthild Basil the Great Bede Benedict Biscop Benedict of Nursia, St. Boethius Boniface, St. Cassian, John St. Cassiodorus Caesarius of Arles Chrodegang of Metz Columba, St. Columban, St. Dhuoda Einhard Ermold Nigellus Genevieve, St. Gildas Gottschalk of Orbais Gregory of Tours
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