Contents xi Kim Thomas and the Fight for $15, 120 Robert S. Rycroft Income Inequality and the Future of Democracy, 125 Richard Lachmann Medicare-for-All, 129 Robert S. Rycroft Globalization and Regional Economic Inequality in the United States, 134 Meenakshi Rishi and Ryan Cowles The Gig Economy, 140 Robert S. Rycroft Monopoly and Inequality in the United States, 144 Steven M. Suranovic Health in the United States: Two Different Ballgames, 150 Erin Vernon and M. Courtney Hughes “Ban the Box,” 154 Robert S. Rycroft Comprehensive Paid Family Leave Will Combat Inequality, 158 Marilyn Watkins Brian Weber v. “Reverse Discrimination,” 163 Robert S. Rycroft Higher Education and the Shrinking American Middle Class, 167 Art C. Baird and Jill C.Yoshikawa School Vouchers, 172 Robert S. Rycroft Arguing Over the One Percent, 175 Robert S. Rycroft
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