This book owes much to many friends and colleagues. James Kohl, Rob-
ert J. Alexander, John Super, Thomas Walker, E. Bradford Burns, Cathe-
rine Zubel, and Daniel Barber read the manuscript of the first edition and
offered invaluable critiques, while Marion Sumners, Jamie Coughtry, and
Randy Hale provided essential assistance. The insights of Garry Leech,
Kirk Bowman, and Monica Barczak strengthened the second edition.
Jerry L. Simich read the text of this edition, and Angela Moor, Heather
Nepa, and Shontai Beltran provided expert technical support. My long-­
suffering friend and colleague, Joseph A. (Andy) Fry, read and critiqued
all three editions and offered both editorial and substantive suggestions.
The love of my life, Dina Titus, has been involved since the gestation of
the first edition in the summer of 1987 in San Miguel de Allende, Guana-
juato, Mexico. Her encouragement and support have been indispensable.
Fi­nally, I wish to thank the many students who took my class “Revolution
and Reaction in Latin Amer­ i ­ ca” over the years and sharpened my focus on
the era of the Cuban Revolution.
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