Common Misconceptions about Acne 1. ACNE IS MORE OF AN ANNOYANCE THAN A SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION Acne is so common that it can be easy to mistakenly think that acne is not a serious medical condition. While some people are not bothered by mild, infrequent acne symptoms, many people do experience discomfort or even embarrassment from their acne. For these people, acne is a serious medical condition that deserves to be treated with the use of safe and effective medications. Importantly, even mild acne can be serious when it disturbs a person’s sense of well-being and health, and acne does not have to be extensive or severe to be worth treating. As acne usually occurs on visible parts of the skin, such as the face, it can have an unusually signifi- cant impact on the happiness of people who suffer from the condition. To learn more about the serious impact that acne can have on physical and mental well-being, see questions 25 and 26. 2. EVERYBODY EXPERIENCES ACNE IN THE SAME WAY Despite how common acne is, there is a tremendous amount of variation in how acne affects individuals. While some people might have mild acne that does not bother them, other people can suffer from extensive acne
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