Contents Introduction vii Part I. Understanding the International Environment 1 1. Competitive Strategy in a Changing International Landscape 3 Christopher J. Bolan and Joel R. Hillison 2. Strategic Leadership for the Twenty-First Century 30 Craig Morrow 3. Does Winning Matter? 50 John A. Nagl and Thomas P. Newman 4. Responding to China’s Economic Statecraft: Maintaining America’s Edge in Relationships, Global Governance, and Innovation 67 James A. Frick 5. Reconceptualizing Small State Alignment in a Multipolar World 98 John A. Mowchan 6. Energy Security: Competition and Cooperation 125 Brett D. Weigle Part II. Competing and Winning with Allies and Partners 147 7. Fighting with Allies: A World War II Case Study 149 Kevin J. Weddle and Joel R. Hillison
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