8 School Library Management Figure 1. Role Responsibility Leadership Connections Principal School Librarian Instructional Partner Collaboration with the school-based decision-making council, organizational members, and community members Monitor instructional design and assessment development Develop and facilitate programs to enhance awareness of a school’s social and cultural needs Collaboration with organizational members to develop policies, practices, and curriculum Guide instructional design by assisting teachers in creation of assignment and assessment strategies Develop awareness related to social and cultural competencies through informational literacy skills Information Specialist Communicate current and emerging programs, goals, and opportunities to organizational stakeholders Data analysis of assessment(s), instruction, program effectiveness, and school budget Provide support, information, and networking to teachers, parents, and students Assist in creation of engaging learning tasks Connect the school to the larger global community Communicate emerging technologies/models for assessing, locating, and supplementing school resources Data analysis of school library media usage Facilitation of information technology to aid in learning Teacher Teacher of other teachers Teacher of students Teacher of parents/partners Teacher of students Teacher of other teachers The librarian’s role of program administrator is not included due to its many descriptors that individually act as the lynchpin connecting the leadership roles of the school librarian and principal. Figure 2 depicts these roles and how they are similar, but connect to a different focus depending on the principal’s or librarian’s role. Figure 2. Program Adminstrator Leadership Connections Principal School Librarian Program Administrator Provides Access to Resources School budgeting allows the principal to offer teachers financial support for resources and materials Professional development related to relevant and updated instructional practices Resources and materials within the library Resources available to teachers and families within the community (continued)
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